The 3 money beliefs that could be holding you back

The 3 Money Beliefs That Could Be Holding You Back

I have been on a journey of self discovery for as long as I can remember. 

I have always been interested in learning more about myself, working through my issues and becoming more self aware so that ultimately I can become the very best version of myself that I can be.

My journey into entrepreneurship has had so many massive learning and growth opportunities and in these I have seen so many of my beliefs been completely transformed.

While our businesses are (hopefully) an expression of our purpose in this world and a way of us helping others with a particular problem/issue, we obviously want to also have a profitable and financially abundant business. One that allows us to live the life of freedom that we ultimately want to live. 

I have been amazed at how many of us female entrepreneurs (myself included) have so many beliefs around money that we adopt, whether it’s from our culture, our society, our family, whatever it is, we’ve adopted these limiting money beliefs which keep us small, keep us stuck and keep us limited in our thinking of what we believe we can achieve in this lifetime.

It’s one of those times in your life when when you realise the belief you have been holding onto, you are amazed at how you never knew this before and why everyone doesn’t know it!

If you are holding onto any of these beliefs, I’m here to tell you that there is another belief you can adopt instead that is expansive, that opens you up to the realm of possibility and that helps you to know that anything and everything is possible for you!

Belief #1. Work = Money

We have been led to believe that the harder you work, the more money you’ll earn. 

If that were true, we’d all be millionaires by now right? 

Because the truth is, is that work = work and money=money. 

Money is energy, money is a tool, money is an exchange value and how much we earn does not have to do with how hard we work, but rather how open we are to receiving it.

 Why are there so many people working extremely hard but not seeing the financial rewards? 

When it comes to money, it comes down to how energetically aligned you are to the frequency of money and to the frequency of receiving it. 

There is so much more to earning money than just working hard which is why this is one of the themes we deep dive into in our Inner Circle Membership because it is such a big one that holds so many women back from achieving their dreams.

When you realise that the real ‘work’ in earning money is about the energy ‘work’ that you do, the inner work, then you understand how important it is to be focusing on your mindset, your energy and your soul because this is really where it all happens.

Some questions you can start exploring are: 

  1.  What are my beliefs about money?

        2. What is my relationship with money like?
        3. What do I believe about people who have lots of money?

Belief #2. You can’t be spiritual and have lots of money

This is a big one for many of the female entrepreneurs I encounter. Being spiritual does not have to mean being poor. Unless you have decided to live the life of a nun or monk and have given up all your possessions, you absolutely can be a deeply spiritual person and still want to live the most magical life possible. For some that might mean not needing much money in their lives, but for others it will and that’s ok.

You can be spiritual and still want beautiful things in your life. You can be spiritual and want to have lots of money. You can be spiritual and want to have a financially abundant life. It is absolutely ok to be spiritual and want money!

Step #3. You’re greedy and ungrateful for wanting more

This was a really big one for me and something I struggled with for a long time.

I struggled with the concept of being grateful for what I have but at the same time wanting more. Didn’t the mere fact that I wanted more mean that I wasn’t grateful for what I had? Although I felt like the answer was yes, it is actually no.

It is perfectly ok to be grateful for what you have and still want more. It is perfectly ok to want more for yourself in life, to dream big, to want all that you can have. It does not mean you are ungrateful or greedy. It simply means that you believe in yourself and believe that there is something bigger for you to step into, that there is more that you are destined for.

While I do believe that there is a point where wanting more does become about greed and power, if you’re a female entrepreneur with a small to medium size business reading this, then I’m pretty sure that’s something you don’t need to worry about.

Gratitude is what helps us to get to where we are wanting to go. 

Gratitude is what aligns us with what we want. 

So keep on writing in your gratitude journal and keep on dreaming big!

Our money beliefs is just one of the themes we deep dive into in our Inner Circle Membership. As female entrepreneurs, we have many beliefs that hold us back and our mission at My Women Tribe is to help you move through them and create the most madly successful soul aligned business and life!

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